5 day tour in Ajara

5 day tour in Ajara



Located between the Black Sea and Caucasus Mountains and filled with ancient churches and castles, Adjara is known for its amazing mountain landscape, delicious wine, unique food and friendly locals. And in addition to the above, Adjara is a popular tourist destination throughout the year!

There is no bad time to visit Adjara. Thanks to its geographical location, it enjoys a humid seacoast subtropical climate. The summers are mostly hot and humid, while the winters are mildly cold. The average annual temperature is +23 C in summer and +8 in winter. The average humidity is 70-80%. Even when the mountain peaks are covered with snow, the coast of the Black sea enjoys the pleasantly warm weather. So, if you're wondering what would be the best time to visit Adjara, be sure that it can be visited all around the year.

What you will visit
Kemal Turmanidze Ethnographic Museum
Gonio Apsaros Fortress
Batumi Botanical Garden
Petra Fortress
Machakhela National Park

  • Historical and Ethnographic Museum in Zeda Chkhutuneti;
  • Chkutuneti waterfall;
  • Tskhemlara arch stone bridge;
  • World War II Gun in Skurdidi Village;
  • Gvara Fortress;
  • Machakhela gun monument

Mtirala National Park

  • Rope park;
  • Zipline;
  • Lake;
  • Tsablnara waterfall;
  • Mechanical cable car

Keda region

  • Adjara Wine House;
  • Makhuntseti waterfall;
  • King Tamar Bridge;
  • Picnic in Ortsva village

Batumi city

  • Piazza;
  • Church of St. Nicholas;
  • European square;
  • Miracle Park;
  • Old Boulevard;
  • Boulevard colonnades;
  • Nurigeli Lake